if one good thing came out of the 3d2y special it was getting to see young!garp again like daayyyuummm

revolunacyfireboy said: FujiAce... really Riles, you ought to know not to bring ships up around me b/c now I wanna write for that.

wysteria tiger…fire fist…there’s is a forbidden love… because of their duties, their comrades, their pride, and the 6 feet of dirt that will always be seperating them unless fujitora digs him up lolwat

writing posttime skip pairings with ace is so awkward because one is fucking dead and the other is fucking the dead

revolunacyfireboy said: Riley, tell me honestly, as one of my best friends, is it weird that I'm so focused on Ace's lack of booty?

id be more worried about the lack of vital organs tbh

alright people i feel like being personal on here, but im gonna put it under a read more so you guys dont have to read it (if you’re on mobile, i guess just keep scrolling??) I cant exactly stop you reading it, especially since I’ve put it online so you can look if you want, i guess, but im just complaining about things. 

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“mickey mouse it says you want to divorce minnie because she was…… extremely silly?”

“no, i said she was fucking goofy”

please stop reblogging this i stole this joke from my brother

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ive learned not to click on any notifications for this post

but this one is truly puzzling me 

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revolunacyfireboy said: I saw part of the 3D2Y special - Ace still has no booty.

thats because his booty was deflated when his chest was popped open and all the hot air came rushing out the man is forever cursed with no booty

portgas d. ace for worst pirate ever

hannyabaal said: Hi! Sorry for bothering but may I ask you where did you find 3d2y subbed in English? Because I can't find it anywhere ; v ;

I really hope you got impatient with me and found it already, because I haven’t replied in like forever and I feel really super bad (you know what, im starting to think that i may as well reply on my phone anyway and just add tags later on because this is getting ridiculous)

So these are the sites available to watch 3d2y:



funimation (maybe. it says it isn’t available in my country, australia, so you’ll have to check for yourself)

onepieceofficial (i cant even link this shit, it won’t let me into the video area because of my geolocation)

so i hope this helps you with watching 3d2y, but if you’ve found it already, even better, and im sorry once again!




no matter how much you don’t care, the naruto animators will always care slightly less 



step aside naruto, quality comin thru

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