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I like how the naruto fandom has been debating when naruto is going to finish, and the entire kuroko no basuke fandom has just gone “wait hang on shi-“

haha whoops


remember when kurama was just kyuubi

remember when the fourth hokage was arashi uzumaki 

remember when itachi was a cold, heartless dick 

remember when orochimaru was the worst thing that could happen to anyone in konoha

ah the naivete 

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Anonymous said: What are the numbers of the fillers where zoro is jealous and the one where sanji drugs luffy?

They weren’t actually from fillers, what they were from were from special OVAs. Luckily enough though, we can actually watch the both of them on YouTube!! 

So Sanji drugs Luffy (we never see him do it, but he admits he’s the reason Luffy was acting strange near the end of the special) in Open Upon the Great Sea! A Father’s Huge, HUGE Dream!

The one where Zoro is jealous is Adventure in the Ocean’s Navel

I hope this helps you, and you can laugh at the horrible ooc moments. Also, maybe I’m just a bit of a wimp, but AitON is kinda… darkish I guess? Like it doesn’t feel like a One Piece filler at ALL. Just warning you, in case you’re like me. OUTGS!AFHHD! is alright I think. Have fun watching!! :D

Anonymous said: Ohhh what dead ace joke?

"Would you at least listen to the boy when he’s talking about his late brother?"

"Late?" Luffy asked. "What’s he late for?"

Benn paused awkwardly. He glanced at Shanks pleadingly for help. Shanks shrugged and smiled, as if to say, “You can figure this one out on your own.”

Benn groaned. “It means he’s dead, Luffy.”

Luffy nodded solemnly. “Well, he is dead. I guess he is late.” He paused and thought for a second. “He’s late to everything.” When he got a few blank looks he clarified, “Because he’s dead.”

Coincidence (this chapter)
by Reference D. Anime
Summary: What are the chances of meeting some old friends on a tiny island near the end of the New World? Slim to none, don’t you think?

yo guess who’s on their computer

guess who can finally start answering some asks properly


shoutout to all the asexuals who stand strong in their sexuality even though the media tells us everyday that sex is one of the most important aspects of being human

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